The Nepali Sean Paul

The saying goes, “You can choose your friends, but not your family.”

In that same vein, you don’t always get to pick the people you work with despite having to spend hours with them.  This fact creates a kind of ‘Work Family’ dynamic where you learn some pretty interesting facts about your co-workers and start to feel comfortable with their unique quirky characteristics.

This staff spotlight is on Kalyan, one of our managers.  Although he would have loved to have written this himself, he informed me that he would need a couple of hours to put pen to paper, and that he simply does not have that kind of time in his day.  Between balancing a busy and demanding work day, a caring wife, a beautiful daughter (he’s a great dad) and a little bit of wine and cards, he has zero time to write!  So I’ll write about him instead.

Whilst you may have already experienced Kalyan’s friendly nature serving you lunch or dinner (or your drunken late night cravings at 2am in the Marina!), and you may have already expected that he is a rock star behind the scenes (hard working, talented and ethical), what you wouldn’t have known is that Kalyan literally is a ROCK STAR!

Allow me to share the latest interesting fact I discovered about Kalyan: introducing (for the first time in North America)………..’K2Z, the Nepali Sean Paul’.  Most definitely check out his video below!

We really do only hire Rock Stars at Kasa!   🙂


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