How to Eat a Kati Roll (or Thali)

Kasa Indian Eatery - how to eat a Kati Roll

Customers take a look at our overhead menu and declare out loud. ‘’I am confused, I feel like I need a college degree in this menu to understand it”. I usually put them at ease assuring them it’s not an uncommon reaction for a virgin Kasa diner. Only the brave actually express their confusion. From […]

Kasa Nutrition

Nutritional Analysis I eat at Kasa every single day and love it! My absolute favourite meal is a simple daal, rice and saag paneer combo! The premise of Kasa is founded on home-style Indian food with whole ingredients and spices. Food you can eat every single day and still remain healthy and satisfied. I am […]

Why We Serve Our Food On Metal Plates

After 16 months of being open, curiosity has finally gotten the better of me, and I google imaged ‘Prison Food Trays’.  The reason for this strange search, is that one too many yelp reviewers have commented that they feel like they are eating on Prison trays.  These comments have perplexed me for a while, as […]