Anamikas mom smoking

3rd Annual Bhang Lassi Picnic We are almost at the end of tax season, which also means Kasa’s annual 4/20 Bhang Lassi celebration!! I can almost feel the tension in the City. Everyone’s a little more serious, corporate lunch orders slow down, the air has a sense of anxiety in it. We are all united […]

Bhang Lassi pt 2

Kasa Indian Tiger

It’s that time of year again. Tax filing deadlines are approaching as well as Kasa’s celebration of 4.20. If you are looking for a way to unwind from the stress of taxes, come check out our now annual Bhang Lassi Event. Reading through last years blog I was curious about whether Marijuana would be legalized […]

Bhang Lassi

Kasa Indian Eatery - Shiva drinking Kasa bhang lassi

Serving the community is one of the key values on our Heart of Kasa value, and April means two things in the San Francisco community – taxes and 4/20! See out Bhang Lassi recipe below! Whether you’re looking to eat your tax liability sorrows away or you’ve got the munchies for very different reasons, Kasa has […]