Rockstar Women Around Kasa

With K2 in construction and opening in less than 3 weeks (we’re shooting for December 4!), there is plenty to blog about. I literally feel like I’ve burned new neural pathways with all the new things there have been to learn.

Of all the things I could write about, I feel like writing about the super cool women I’ve worked with this last year and a half.

Generally speaking (I know I’m going to be negatively judged for this), I prefer working with men (there will be a whole separate blog post on them too) because in my experience GENERALLY I find them more straight forward, they don’t hold grudges for as long, they are super co-operative and have an even keeled temperament at work.

However, this last year, I have had the pleasure of working with some very cool women:

At Kasa…

  • Lydia (Server at Kasa) – super fast, a lot of fun, organized, clean and totally on it with her work! A real no-nonsense girl at work. Whenever I feel the pressure, she steps right in and just knows what needs to be done.
  • Polly (Server at Kasa) – originally introduced as the “craziest” on Roti Josh’s blog post, Polly works at the speed of light, has real pride in her work, very straight forward, and a real sweetheart.   She’s also very smart — I’m afraid we will probably lose her when she is done with school and becomes a famous biochemist!
  • Tuesday (Server at Kasa) – new to the Kasa team, but really really good. She is totally on it, smart, friendly, organized, reliable and fun. Again, she just knows what needs to be done and does it with a calm confidence.

On the creative side…

  • Gi Paoletti (our designer at Kasa 2, also designed Tipsy Pig, Bloodhound and many other cool spots) – smart, always so well put together, extremely accomplished in her field and really co-operative. I love the way that she helps us problem solve our design issues and puts her whole heart into her work.
  • Tammy (a metal worker building this cool metal screen we are creating for Kasa 2) – I have just recently met Tammy, and she already is a pleasure to work with. She’s fast, reliable, a practical problem solver and a true local artist.  You only have to drive by her metal yard on 1340 Bryant Street to see how talented she is.

At home…

  • Janey (my wonderful Nanny) – I call her the punk Mary Poppins with her bright red hair and nose ring, but she is also organized, reliable, a sweetheart, firm and fun. Without her doing a wonderful job at home and making my life easier, I wouldn’t really be able to focus on the work that needs to be done at Kasa.
  • Merideth (Tim’s wife) – one of the unsung members of the Kasa team, Merideth keeps the Volkema house running smoothly and helps Tim  keep going through all the ups and downs here at the restaurant.  Wish her luck with Volkema #3, likely to arrive right around the same time as Kasa #2!

I would love to include myself in this list, however, I will leave it to Tim and Suresh to comment on that..  🙂

P.S. – My friends have already been warned — anyone caught trying to steal my nanny is in serious trouble, and the same goes for my amazing staff.


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