As a member of Kasa Indian Eatery Rewards, you will earn 1 point for every $1 you spend and receive a $5 discount for every 50 points you redeem.

You can sign up for a rewards account through the sign up link found on our website. You will also be prompted to sign up for rewards after any purchase made in person or online if you don’t have an account already. (Note the sign up will be prompted after receipt selection)

Your rewards account will be tied to the phone number or email you sign up with. This only needs to be done once at sign up. Thereafter your account will be tied to your credit card on file. If you sign up after a purchase, your card will automatically become tied to your rewards account. Any future purchases done in person or online with that credit card will automatically accrue reward points and prompt for available reward redemptions.

For cash customers, you will receive a QR code via email or text (depending on what you signed up with) that you can print or save in your mobile device. This QR code will serve as your “rewards card” that you can present to your server when making a purchase. You can also enter your unique rewards account number for online purchases. The QR code can also be found on our “Look Up / Manage Rewards” page on our website.

Yes! You can click on the “Look Up / Manage Rewards” link on our website to access your account and add and verify multiple cards. 

If you use a new credit card for an in store purchase, just make sure to sign up again for the rewards account with the same email or phone number and it will automatically merge with your existing account. 

*Note: Make sure to visit the “Look Up / Manage Rewards” page (by email link or text message link) to verify your new credit card. 

Check and manage your account by visiting the “Look Up / Manage Rewards” link on our website. You will be able to view your current balance and recent transactions. 

Once your account has accrued 50 or more points it will automatically prompt on your next purchase if you wish to redeem your rewards or save them for later. If making a purchase in person, the server ringing you up will notify you of your rewards. If online, you will be notified of a reward available during your online checkout. 

If you choose to save your rewards for later, your account will continue to accrue allowing for a larger redemption balance to be used whenever you choose. 

Most issues with redeeming rewards that have been accrued means that you have not yet verified your new credit card. This happens after adding a new card to your account or receiving a new card with a new expiration date or when reward accounts have been merged. To verify your account, simply log into your account under “Look Up / Manage Rewards” or through the text message welcome link you received. You will be able view all the credit cards associated with your account and remove or verify as needed. Until you verify your new credit cards you will only be able to accrue points on purchases but not redeem. 

For any other issues you can reach out to us directly at and we can assist you directly. 

Thank you for being a loyal guest! 

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