Kasa Marina: Indian Laundry special dinner

I’m very excited to invite you to a special dinner that we’ve cheekily dubbed “Indian Laundry” at Kasa Marina on May 5th at 8:30pm.  For just a few hours, we’re going to deviate from our relaxed counter-service to bring you a treat: a full-service five course sit down meal that I will personally prepare, with each course paired with wine by the extremely talented sommelier Mark Bright from Saison.  Mark and I will host the dinner.

We want the experience to be communal and intimate, so expect to eat family style, make new friends, try amazing wines and push your culinary boundaries.  We’ve limited the dinner to the first 16 people who reserve tickets by calling Kasa’s co-owner Tim at 917-535-0148 to pre-pay. Tickets costs $75 – click here for the menu and more information.

So why are we doing this?
At Kasa, our regular offerings are comprised of our favourite six dishes (plus a couple daily specials), alongside our favourite chutneys and raita. But there is so so much more to Indian food, as it is a complex cuisine with a never ending list of dishes and regional styles.
At our Indian Laundry event, I want to showcase Punjabi food a level deeper than you might normally find.  I want to highlight the cuisine’s ability to take an ingredient to its highest potential using herbs, spices, fats (in moderation) and heat (both fire and sunlight) to produce delicious and sometimes surprising results.  At the same time, I want the meal to be subtle enough where guests can taste the ingredients and  feel good afterwards. To me, this is the ultimate fine dining.
This isn’t always easy to do, as some foods are easy to love (french fries, sweet and sour deep fried anything) , whilst others require a little more sophistication of the palette, and a little more foresight about how you might feel later on.  Indian food, at it’s best, is able to achieve this.
My menu for Indian laundry is intended to bring potentially unfamiliar and interesting flavours like fresh bitter yet addictive fenugreek leaves (not normally found in a restaurant but a regular Punjabi household fare), and deeper richer tastes like Saag Lamb to the table.  We’ll also have achaar (pickles) that are currently out in the sun souring in my garden and a variety of unique chutneys to enhance the meal further.   Some of these flavours are bitter, some are sweet and some tangy, all with the use of amazing ingredients like tamarind, jaggery or celery seeds.

Some of these dishes can be difficult to do on a normal basis at Kasa because of the time it takes in the sun for instance, or when certain dishes cannot hold up to large batch cooking, or crunchy savoury pakoras become soggy if not served immediately.

I’m also grateful to Mark Bright for recognizing this potential in my cooking and agreeing to pair and serve the wine on the night.  (Mark also designed our wine lists at Kasa.) We’ve become friends through our joined love of good things in taste (food and wine) as well as our love for taking people through that journey with us.  And so we are putting together Indian Laundry at Kasa.

I hope to see some of you at the event.  Get your tickets today!

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