Launching Kasa Samosa Chaat!

Kasa Indian Samosa Chaat
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Mention this blog post at any location for a complimentary Samosa Chaat with purchase of two Thali Plates!


Chaat is a category of snack foods insanely beloved by Indians. It’s a whole meal occasion in and of itself, mostly found on street-side stalls. Typically eaten between 3-6pm and ideally paired with a cup of steaming hot chai, Chaat makes most Indians ridiculously happy as they revel in flavor and indulge their taste buds.

There an endless array of chaat types with different combinations of sweet, spicy, sour, and salty, sometimes crunchy and sometimes soggy, sometimes dry and sometimes wet, and sometimes topped with ruby-red pomegranate jewels to add an explosion of contrasting color and flavor. This is one of the best and most unique food categories on this planet and super unique to Indian cuisine.

Personally I’m somewhat obsessed by chaat. On my recent trip to India, I happily ditched my gluten-free diet just to eat chaat because absolutely nothing rivals chaat eaten in India itself. I wasn’t about to miss out on the experience. The street-side vendors there have spent numerous generations perfecting just one type of chaat!

Given the nostalgia many Indians in the Bay Area feel towards these dishes, we’re excited to launch Kasa’s Samosa Chaat. If you love samosas, you’ll probably love this chaat. For the uninitiated, the best way to describe Samosa Chaat is probably Indian Nachos. Our version is particularly good because we use our thick yogurt (no watered down runny yogurt!) and we liberally douse the dish in our housemade Cilantro chutneys and Tamarind chutneys. And of course the star of the dish are two torn-open Samosas to soak up all the flavor from the sauces. It’s super luxurious and best eaten with a cup of Chai.

Papdi Chaat

We’re also working on a Papdi Chaat, which is my personal favourite. You will see that launch in Redwood City soon!

To celebrate our launch, just mention this blog post for a complimentary Samosa Chaat with the purchase of two Thalis.



***Offer only valid up until 4/30/2020. Not available online. Email us at for more information!

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