Kati Roll At the Asian American Film Festival

Kati Rolls

Kati Roll Madness

Deepa Mehta?  I’d never heard her name until Saturday night just gone (though I’d seen her controversial movies Water and Fire). I guess she may never know just how exhausted she got us all at Kasa rolling Kati Roll after Kati roll.

Our naivety as first time restaurant owners shows up despite the leaps and bounds we’ve made learning the trade.  The Asian American Film Festival (of which we were totally unaware) with Deepa Mehta’s new movie Heaven on Earth drew in crowds with lines out the door at Kasa.   We were perfectly well staffed up for a normal Saturday night, but multiply that by 3 and craziness ensued.  Our entire crew worked like super heroes, bringing out food, rolling Kati Rolls, washing silverware, bussing tables, taking deliveries and pouring out drinks all at the speed of lightening.

At one point our roti stock was totally depleted…it is hand made after all!  The panic in all of us struck in.  That’s when I started to make frantic calls to Tim and Suresh for HELP.  I’m not sure what kind of crazy babysitting arrangements were made between them, but soon thereafter Tim swooped in to save the day.  All in all, it was a lot of fun though, and the entire work crew bonded.

Needless to say we researched the festival and were well prepared for the Sunday night showing at the Castro of Shah Rukh Khan’s movie Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.  Things were fast, furious, buzzing yet SMOOTH.

Lesson learned: know the events going on in the Castro really well.  I’m Indian though…how did I not hear about these movies? I really want to watch the Deepa Mehta movie.  Someday when I have a little time.


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