The Kasa Blog Is Live!

We’re super excited to launch the Kasa blog.  We opened in June 2008, and it’s been a dead sprint since around January 2008 to get things running smoothly.  We’re now coming up for air and can launch the long planned blog.

Here’s some of the stuff we hope to write about:

  • The ups, downs and other crazy stories of running a restaurant
  • Spotlighting Tim, Anamika, Merideth and I as well as our rock star staff
  • Juggling family life while running a restaurant, particularly for Anamika as a mother and chef and Merideth as the wife of a restaurant operator
  • Sharing and discussing some of Anamika’s recipes
  • How did we decide to open an Indian restaurant in San Francisco?
  • Highlighting special dishes or events
  • Getting feedback from all of you
  • Whatever else catches our fancy! We love bollywood movies, hip hop and prog rock, food (especially food), taco trucks, montessori and much much more.  You never know what we might write about..

Above all else, we hope to use this blog to connect with our customers, friends and anyone else who cares about Kasa or us.

Lots of love,

The Kasa Crew

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