Introducing Italian Pasta Kitchen

Italian Pasta Kitchen San Francisco

Skip ahead to read about the launch of our new Italian Pasta Kitchen concept!

I hope everyone is easing back into life post-summer. My summer was a non-stop whirlwind—family from London, cooking, hosting and juggling Kasa all at once.

Both my kids went off to college last week, bringing some welcomed peace. I’m super sentimental, remembering years bygone, the working-parent guilt over last-minute Halloween costumes that I couldn’t quite pull off. It’s a chapter I’m so glad for, but don’t really miss.

I’ve graduated to ‘Free Bird’ status with an empty nest. Now, besides yoga, tennis, and quality time with my husband Suresh, I get to dive into work—guilt-free and with full passion, because I truly love it.

Uninterrupted work isn’t just a luxury—it’s a necessity. You’ve probably heard about beloved SF restaurants closing due to crime, falling revenue, and inflation. While new spots are opening, led by creative, energetic entrepreneurs, there’s no denying that the business climate is tougher than ever.

It’s a good thing I’m up for the challenge.

I’ve spent 25 years setting down roots and creating memories in every corner of SF. I’m committed to deepening those roots, and I have no intention of moving to optimize for a lower tax rate elsewhere. Instead, I’m focused on getting better so I can stay and contribute to this beautiful and intelligent city.

In fact, our entire Kasa team thrives on challenges, and out of necessity and creativity during the pandemic, we quietly launched a new endeavor that we are proud to officially unveil today!

Introducing Italian Pasta Kitchen: Simple Italian Comfort Food

You heard it right – we’re thrilled to introduce Italian Pasta Kitchen! Featuring comforting pasta dishes bursting with flavor and fresh vegetables, with the quality and love you expect from the same team behind Kasa with prices that are gentle on your Apple Pay. Don’t worry, Kasa Indian Eatery is still here to stay, we just expanding our brands.

Wait, huh? Why Italian Pasta Kitchen?

When the pandemic hit, the city of San Francisco reached out to support diverse and women-owned restaurants, with a curious condition—no Indian food. It posed an interesting challenge: how do we embrace diversity while excluding a culture’s cuisine?

We rose to this ironic challenge, showcasing the versatility of our team and my cooking skills. I can cook almost anything! Thanks to this city initiative, we kept our team employed and refined a menu of comforting, home-style pasta dishes with a unique twist—a hint of Indian flare that adds an extra kick. Post-pandemic, we launched this menu on various delivery platforms, and the response has been fantastic.

How do we get it to be budget-friendly?

It’s a win-win for Kasa and our customers.  We more efficiently utilize our fixed costs and labor and offer a delicious new menu at a lower cost for our customers.  While you can find IPK on all the usual delivery sites, ordering directly from us means lower fees and commissions and we pass this saving along to you. We hope this makes you happy at a time when eating out or even grocery shopping for so many people is getting insanely expensive.

Launch Special 🎉

To kick things off, use the code IPK50 for a 50% discount on all direct orders at through the month of October.  Plus, we offer corporate options catering to a range of clients including companies like Tinder, JP Morgan and the United States Post Office 🙂

We appreciate your support and would love any feedback!

Until next time,



Founder / CEO, Kasa Indian Eatery & Italian Pasta Kitchen


P.S. Stay tuned for the launch of another new concept in the next few months.

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