Indian Street Food at Kasa this Friday Night

Slumdog Millionaire, set in the slums of Mumbai, is playing at the Castro Theatre on Friday night.  I’m going to do a tribute to one of my favourite cities in the world and make Kasa’s Friday special to honor the ultimate street food of Mumbai.
The question is…what is the ultimate street food of Mumbai?
It’s a tough choice based on the memories a person associates with their street food experiences, but I narrowed it down to a few based on my own childhood memories of Mumbai:
1. Pani Puri on Chowpatty Beach – some of the happiest moments of my life were here as a kid on vacation from boarding school with my mum, super late, hot night, sand in my hair, trying to fit a whole puri in my mouth without dribbling everywhere.
2. Kwality Vanilla Ice Cream – Nothing has ever been able to touch the taste of this creamy white ice cream that I would hunt down on a hot night after an exciting night of clubbing (bollywood stars/mafia/regular people all in one club).
3. Bheja Masala Fry – This one is strange and, had I known beforehand what it was, I would never have tried it.  But, I was a kid and had been to a late night street festival (I think in Byculla) and was hungry. My mum’s boyfriend at the time told me to try it and I loved it.  Turns out I had just eaten ‘Masala Fried Lamb Brain’ with Roti.  It’s popular street food in Bombay  because it’s so GOOD.
4. Pav Bhaji – So this one WINS.  It simply hits the spot at any time.  The spicy, buttery, lemony, potato mash on buttered white buns and crunchy red onions is the ultimate comfort food.  If you’ve never had it, imagine a vegetarian sloppy joe with delicious bread and tons of flavor.
Nothing can beat eating it standing up on the street, but I will seek to do it justice at Kasa on Friday evening.
I’d love to hear your Indian street food snack experiences, so leave them in the comments below.  Or tweet them @kasaindian.
P.S. Check this Mumbai street food video out…just watching it makes me crave the food!

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