Happy Birthday Kasa!



Happy Birthday!

We are celebrating Kasa’s 12th birthday this year. Happy Birthday Kasa!  It’s a real trip when you see kids who used to come in as Middle Schoolers now strolling in as adults with jobs traveling around the country and fond memories of Kasa meals.

Despite the tough year, we want to mark this occasion and celebrate with our community.  What better way to celebrate than with Samosas on the house all weekend.  (See below for details)

I believe that one of the reasons (other than our food) we have been successful for many years in a competitive and tough business climate is, as a team, we are extremely resilient and passionate about what we do.  We were born in the 2008 recession, so straight out of the gate we got our butts kicked and had to get creative and learn sometimes ridiculously expensive lessons.  Given that our 18th st. spot was our first ever restaurant endeavour, we had a ton of learning to cram through.  I’m astounded that we were able to do that whilst juggling 2 and 5 year old kids at home.  If you’ve ever watched a 2 year old, you really understand what the terrible 2’s are all about, it’s pure exasperation.  I think being 12 years younger and actually lacking experience helped as I didn’t really understand the possible extent of failure.  My mum had once advised me that knowing too much will hinder you from starting any venture, sometimes it’s better to put a blindfold on and jump straight in.  This advice was definitely true in my case. 

12 yrs later, I may not have 32 yr old energy, but thankfully I have something arguably more valuable, experience.  I think if you are resilient you have no choice but to behave that way, it doesn’t really go away.

Learning from our experience and resilience, we are currently working on offering new family friendly options and teaming up with with some great new partners. Learn more below under “New at Kasa”. We hope these endeavours are of service to you and make life both easier, tastier and more entertaining.  Until next time, stay safe.

Use code “Kasa12” for a free Samosa Cravings on any online order with purchase of $20. Valid through 7/31/20.

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