Happy 70th Birthday India

Kasa Indian Eatery - Indian Independence Day

Or belated birthday! As Indian Independence Day was on August 15th.

This month is a particularly proud month for us Indians. We celebrate our 70th year of independence from British rule.  And most importantly, we commemorate 70 years of a Free and Democratic Nation.

The current political climate around the world can be a tad depressing right now. It is worth focusing on the symbolic importance of democracy and freedom. I for one am glad that I am not a maid servant serving gin and tonics to my rulers! Instead I am operating an Indian restaurant in another great democracy whilst sharing my culture 🙂

India Independence Day Celebration
Celebrating Indian Independence Day

What happens in India during Independence Day?

August 15th is celebrated in India as a national holiday.  Where the Indian national anthem is sung proudly, the streets and capital lit up. National flags are hoisted with great ceremony, there is ritualistic kite flying and a host of beautiful colorful cultural activities take place. Indian Independence Day celebrates the diversity of language, food and ancient culture within the states of India itself.  A lofty political speech by the prime minister is usually made, which if you are like me you simply tune out as disingenuous for the most part. (I think this applies to so many world leaders currently..)

Celebrations at Kasa

Miles away from India, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the virtues of a free democratic society in the best way we know how…with food and drinks!

We are still offering 50% off all our Naan Rolls our our website when you use code “INDIA”.

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