Curated Diwali Feasts (and our Diwali 15% Discount)

Dearest Kasa Community,

Diwali is on the horizon, falling later this year on Nov 12th. If you’ve ever wondered why the date changes every year, here is a short explanation:

Kasa Diwali Celebration.
The last supermoon of 2022 is seen rising over Coit Tower in San Francisco, Calif.
Carlos Avila Gonzalez / The Chronicle

Diwali falls on the 15th day of the Indian lunar month of Kartika, generally aligning with October or November in our Gregorian calendar. Unlike our fixed calendar months, ancient Indian months begin with each new moon and are intimately tied to the actual cycles of the moon and the sun. As a result, festival dates like Diwali shift each year. This attunement to natural celestial cycles makes the festival a truly cosmic and shifting event.

And I’m personally grateful for this year’s timing—it gives me a little extra time to plan. Ordinarily, this email would have already been sent out early in October, but this year I’m running behind on just about everything. And if you’re finding yourself in a similar boat, you’re not alone.

This year we’ve crafted two special Diwali packages for you. Plus for the Kasa community, we’re extending our annual 15% discount throughout the month of October and up to Sunday, November 12th, on any catering over $250. Email us or if you’re looking for something smaller you can also order our regular menu at

Curated Diwali Experiences

To help make your festivities as joyous and stress-free as possible, we’re offering two Diwali Catering Packages perfect for gatherings of 15-20 people up to a few hundred.

Diwali Delights Catering Feast Package
Diwali Delights Catering Package
  • Diwali Delights for 15 ppl: a complete feast featuring samosas, kati rolls, biryani, and gulab jamun ($325)
  • Flavors of Diwali Feast – 20 ppla traditional Diwali buffet that includes spicy samosas, aromatic rice, fluffy naan, and a selection of curries and desserts ($425)

Each package features a spread that has all the elements of a grand Diwali feast so you can focus on what really matters—celebrating with your loved ones—while we take care of the food. And if you need some assistance with a little decor and setting the mood, ask about our Diwali Celebration Box!


Email us for package details and to place your order at We will take good care of you.

From all of us at Kasa, we wish you a Diwali filled with light and love. In a world that sometimes feels heavy—underscored by current events in Israel and Palestine that have some of us shaken—the essence of Diwali serves as a gentle reminder of the transformative power of individual positivity and love. As the new moon graces the sky this season, may it inspire hope for new beginnings and for light to find it’s way even in challenging times.

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