Celebrating Women 2023

Happy Women’s Month!

This is Wendy, proud co-owner and head of operations here at Kasa. In 2016, I stumbled upon a National Holiday calendar that listed a bunch of obscure and interesting holidays. That’s when I learned about International Women’s Day on March 8th. I thought it would be a fun idea to offer our guests a free samosa or chai if they took a #pledgeforparity, which was the annual theme set by the official IWD community. And secondly, it was to celebrate the fact that Kasa is a women-owned and operated small business.

To be honest, I had low expectations that anyone would participate. But I underestimated how much people love chai and samosas and supporting and showing love for women! So our first year was a huge success, and our guests wrote their pledges on whiteboards. And it was a real commitment because they had to think of their own pledge, we now make it a little easier by having pre-made pledges to choose from 🙂

Happy women's month. Celebrating women at kasa.

Each year, the core of our event remains the same – a photo pledge for a free samosa or chai, which gets posted to our social media to celebrate the day. And every year, we celebrate a different campaign set by the IWD, but always based on celebrating women and pushing for equality. Last year, we featured powerful and inspiring quotes from women throughout history. This year, the theme is #embraceequity and our photo pledge centers around celebrating ten great women who have made significant contributions to human rights and equality in some way. Some you may recognize easily, and some you may not have heard of. The world is full of great women, so it was fun exploring great women across the globe and putting a spotlight on them.

I’d also like to put a spotlight on a local non-profit organization, Lead in Heels. For the month of March, we are fundraising for their mission to support and empower women and girls. If you order at Kasa online, you can round up your order to donate back. Although we hope you consider donating directly as well. We have a short bio below, and ways you can help.

Thank you for your support. And a happy Women’s Day and Month to all the women out there!

Previous Women's Day Pledges

Spotlight on: Lead in Heels

Lead in Heels Non-profit

Women’s rights are human rights. Lead in Heels is a non-profit organization with the primary mission to empower women and girls globally through building a support system for victims of domestic and sexual violence, for NGOs dedicated to working for the betterment of women and children, for activists committed to bringing about social justice, and for women and girls to have access to means for financial independence, education, and health.  

We are running projects to rehabilitate women and their children rescued from human trafficking, acid attack victims, domestic abuse etc by teaching them skills to survive, earn a living and by educating them. As a registered USA based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we ensure every $ you donate goes to the needy. 

Ways to get involved include: 

1] Donate your time – Volunteer with us! Contact us to learn how.


2] We understand people have busy lives and if you prefer to donate, no amount is too small.

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