A Rainy Windy Day on 18th Street

It’s raining and windy today.  All kinds of things are canceled and it’s starting to affect my mood.  I want to stay cozied up in bed.  To worsen things, I’m wondering how this may negatively affect business. I walk the 18th St corridor as usual to get to Kasa and I take a good look […]

Indian Street Food at Kasa this Friday Night

Slumdog Millionaire, set in the slums of Mumbai, is playing at the Castro Theatre on Friday night.  I’m going to do a tribute to one of my favourite cities in the world and make Kasa’s Friday special to honor the ultimate street food of Mumbai. The question is…what is the ultimate street food of Mumbai? It’s […]

Kati Roll At the Asian American Film Festival

Kati Roll Madness Deepa Mehta?  I’d never heard her name until Saturday night just gone (though I’d seen her controversial movies Water and Fire). I guess she may never know just how exhausted she got us all at Kasa. Our naivety as first time restaurant owners shows up despite the leaps and bounds we’ve made learning […]