A Rainy Windy Day on 18th Street

It’s raining and windy today.  All kinds of things are canceled and it’s starting to affect my mood.  I want to stay cozied up in bed.  To worsen things, I’m wondering how this may negatively affect business.
I walk the 18th St corridor as usual to get to Kasa and I take a good look around me.  It’s around 10.30am and people are actually out and about with their umbrellas.
Kasa Indian Eatery - Suresh's Favorite @ Tartine: Morning Buns
Suresh’s Favorite @ Tartine: Morning Buns    (Pic from 7×7)

To start with, I see the usual line out the door and around the block at Tartine, despite the weather!  What better than a ham and cheese croissant to cheer someone up.

Delifna Pizzeria is buzzing with activity getting ready to open.  I would put money on the fact that they will remain busy today. And as for Delfina, that roast chicken is so good I would go through a hurricane to get it.
Next, I walk past Bi-Rite Market.  The fruit looks tempting and beautiful as usual and the flowers outside look even more amazing with rain drops on them.
A little farther down the block, and believe it or not, kids in raincoats are waiting for ice-cream outside the fabulous Bi-Rite Creamery.  (I love the new giant cone outside!)
Jivano’s knife sharpening shop is closed, but only in San Francisco can you have a shop with a sign that reads, “We have to go out frequently so we don’t keep regular business hours.”  I just call when I need a knife sharpened and it works out fine for me.
Next is Dolores Park Cafe.  Packed as always!  There aren’t too many people in the park though, although I see some brave souls.
Past the beautiful Samovar, with people enjoying their relaxed slow service tea philosophy.  Urban Bread with their newspaper/coffee patrons.
All along, people are out there.  I literally have walked past some of the best eating establishments of all time here.  I really respect San Franciscans for getting out despite the stormy weather.
And finally to Kasa.  We haven’t opened yet but the warm smell of spices is wafting out though, and I’m looking forward to chai.  We don’t get busy until around 12:30 on Sundays, so I’m thinking of doing a saag lamb special that should hit the spot on a rainy, windy day like today.  I hope some of you battle your way to Kasa to enjoy it with me.  And thanks to 18th Street and all our wonderful neighbors for cheering me up.

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