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Order Catering for Diwali – 15% off during the month of October

Whether you grew up Indian or watched that one episode of the Office, by now you’ve probably heard about Diwali. Now it’s time to step your Diwali game up with an office celebration (and take advantage of Kasa’s 15% off to celebrate Diwali during October).  Here are a few tips:

New Beginnings

Diwali is a New Year’s celebration, a point in time to reset intentions with a positive vibe.  Spring clean your desk and surroundings and throw away outdated things to make space for the future. Wear new colorful outfits to represent the positive you.  Refocus with optimism on your financial and cultural goals as a team. Basically Marie Kondo your office! For a more mythical and spiritual perspective, read my previous Diwali blog about the Goddess Laxmi and why you should spring clean.

Light It Up & Make It Colorful


Diwali means ‘row of lights’ or ‘light the way’, so decorate the office with lots of lights or candles.  At Kasa, we use Diwali to kick start the holiday season. We hang strings of lights in October and keep them up through January.  Most Indian grocery stores will sell a small clay decorated candle called a ‘Diya’ as well as Rangoli screens to make patterns on the ground.  Don’t worry, you can easily sweep up the powder.

In India, fireworks are an essential part of Diwali. Since we can’t legally do that here, your next best option is to head to Chinatown and pick up sparklers. They’re a nice safe way to add some sparkle to your office Diwali party!


No party is complete without some music!  Here’s our Spotify playlist with some upbeat Indian songs to set the mood.



Diwali should be called the Festival of Sweets, considering how many are inhaled during this holiday.  Here are my five favorite all-time Diwali treats! (photos). Jai Ho, a local Indian grocery store in San Francisco, will carry all of them.  Let them know Kasa referred you 🙂

  • Gulab Jamun (hot with vanilla ice cream is amazing)

  • Rasmalai (best eaten chilled)

  • Jalebi (incredibly sticky, sweet deep fried fritter spirals oozing with syrup)

  • Ladoos (melt in your mouth golf-ball sized goodness made of flour and sugar)

  • Plain Barfi (sort of like fudge)


  • Ultimately this holiday is about the renewed sense of knowing that there is good in the world that will ultimately triumph.  Every world religion touches on this concept and in particular our own responsibility towards it or our inner light. Keep that in your mind and heart whilst celebrating.


  • Finally but probably the most important part of any celebration, the food!  That’s where Kasa comes in 🙂 Wendy & I are on call all this month taking orders and are happy to put together menus for your team.


Email catering@kasaindian.com or call 415-944-Roll (415-944-7655) to book your Diwali catering now!

Mention this newsletter for the 15% discount during the month of October. Visit us at Kasaindian.com

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