Bringing some perks to working from home!

The separation between work and life right now is challenging to manage.  Your teams are working harder than ever! Help them out and bond with them during zoom meetings. Offer perks and appreciation by sending Kasa eGift Cards. See details at the end of this post.

What is it like at my home?

I wake up in the morning, brush my teeth and get straight to my first zoom call of the day. With headphones in my ears as I wish my team a good morning, I walk around the house, laptop in hand, trying to multitask by getting some coffee going. My first teenager walks down the stairs trying to get some cereal before their zoom class starts, and they are already annoyed because they are missing their friends. The worst of school without the best of school, all learning and no friends. Then comes my spouse, who wants to make some breakfast and starts blending something super loudly. I’m miming to them, ‘keep it down’ and they mime back, ‘what do you want me to do?’  My second teenager comes down with some loud hip hop blaring. I usher them to get out of the way of my camera view. Like most families, we don’t have room for a home office. Every room is being occupied by someone for some virtual purpose. I do this all day long whilst trying to manage lunch and laundry and etc, etc. By the end of the day, I’m exhausted from TALKING in meetings, solving HARD problems, and trying to get some ACTUAL work done! By the time late evening rolls around, I just need to not talk to anyone and relax.

That’s just for us lucky ones who have work and are able to work from home! But the separation between work and home life is genuinely challenging to manage. And likely, your teams are working harder than ever to figure out their own situation. I believe we’ve been working on adrenaline, fear and desperation but as the months go on we are all getting worn out. At Kasa, we’ve been hosting our own virtual happy hours and while it’s not the same as having everyone together, it’s still nice to see each other’s faces and let off steam.

Kasa eGift Cards

So with that said! Show your appreciation for your team’s work and dedication. Build some bonding during meetings through the perks of food delivery! Some companies are having “Happy Hours” by each person coming with their drink of choice. Why not send your team an easy to use eGift Card for an Indian takeout event?  It’s super easy, as you don’t have to figure out what they want to eat, nor their dietary requirements, nor where they live. With just a few clicks they can figure all that out.  Just provide us their email addresses and how much you want to send.  And best of all, this is likely a tax write off!

For help with ordering eGift Cards for your team email and either myself or Wendy can assist you.

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